Management Consulting

Fractional Chief Information Officers (CIO’s) differ from traditional CIO’s in that they serve as a working member of a company’s executive management team as a contractor and may-or-may-not serve on the company’s board of directors. Virtual CIO’s are usually primarily technical in focus and often employed by Managed Services Providers (MSP’s). Their primary area of focus and expertise is the products and services being provisioned on their employer’s cloud platform. They often assist with technical support escalations, technical account management, as well as positioning and selling additional services.   

Fractional CIO’s may also be known as Part-time CIO’s, Parachute CIO’s, or CIO’s-on-Demand. As with traditional CIO’s, a Fractional CIO often helps with IT Strategy and Roadmaps, Business Process Improvements, and Business Technology Strategy.

5Corp Solutions Approach

5Corp Solutions can assist your organization by providing a fractional CIO with the right skills and experience. In addition, our Fractional CIO’s are supported by our entire team of IT professionals, should the need arise for specific areas of deeper expertise.

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